Orange Flare Technologies proposes Smart solutions for relieving the electricity grid

The combination of optimizing energy consumption and at the same time contributing to relieving the electricity grid. That seems like an almost impossible task, but it is indeed possible.
Nowadays, there are on- and off-grid solutions that give users more control over their total energy management. That seems complex, but in practice it comes down to using useful applications, such as automatically switching on 

appliances at favorable times, managing power consumers during off-peak hours, charging home batteries, and automatically adjusting the heating when a window is opened.
The discussion about network congestion is currently very topical. Numerous solutions are put forward, such as the possibility of stimulating flexibility in energy use by adding a congestion component to the energy price. 

However, it is probably smarter to adjust your energy consumption to the status of the electricity grid. You then consume more when there is a lot of electricity available and less when there is congestion. Orange Flare Technologies envisions a sustainable future in which households are self-sufficient and make a positive contribution to the energy landscape. The Netherlands based company emphatically focuses on smart technologies and innovative solutions to bring a sustainable and CO2-neutral society within reach.

Orange Flare Technologies' company mission:
"Bringing sustainable self-sufficient living within reach of a majority of the people before 2030
by providing Smart energy products and solutions"

Orange Flare Technologies, which focuses on sustainable energy solutions, is on a mission to enable regenerative and self-sufficient living. The heart of the system is Flare (the Smart Home), which balances the energy consumption and energy generation of various devices and adjusts them to the needs of the user.

The Netherlands faces an important challenge. The need for energy is growing, there is an increase in sustainable options and applications, while there is a need for support in the desire to live and work CO2 neutral. The energy market is responding to this by offering dynamic contract forms, in which the price is determined by current supply and demand. Orange Flare Technologies is also present in this sector. The company has developed an advanced smart home system with a supporting high-efficiency product line. Smart algorithms in combination with IoT sensors are used to balance the

energy consumption and energy generation of various appliances. The system takes into account contract agreements of the energy supplier, energy characteristics of the various connected devices, but also simply the desired temperature in the home or work space. The Flare technology provides the user with real-time information about energy consumption and provides practical proposals based on predicted energy prices and regular energy consumption. This enables consumers to make their own choices based on the proposals submitted and determine their 

energy requirements to fill in and optimize your own insight. The linear energy process of the past has now been overtaken by a variety of options, such as green energy sources, like solar panels, combined with high-quality home batteries. It is also possible to create an energy-neutral and even energy-positive living environment in combination with heating panels and/or a heat pump. Via wireless sensor technology, different energy settings of various components can be adjusted. Surplus energy can be stored and/or returned to the energy supplier if this is lucrative.

Orange Flare Technologies

Orange Flare Technologies strives to make the indoor climate of living and residential environments comfortable, safer, more energy efficient and healthier. Orange Flare Technologies' product portfolio includes products that are fully circular and sustainable, from high-efficiency infrared heating panels to IR boilers, water heaters, IR induction plates, solar panels, as well as home batteries. These products all contribute to a net positive energy yield.

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